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Before Thanksgiving, I went to Florida to visit my wife's cousin.  He was an anesthesiologist.  He was 50 years old.  He had cancer in the fourth stage.

I prayed with him in his hospital bed.  He had one of his kidneys removed, but the cancer had spread over the rest of his body.  As a result, the doctors gave him six months to live.

He refused chemotherapy and radiation.  "Look," he said to me, "I am a doctor and I've seen this stuff and I know it's more painful and harmful than good.  I'm not taking it.  Sure it may prolong things, but the agony that I'll be in isn't worth it.  I've just seen too many patients over the years and I just won't go that route."

As I watched a man in the prime of his career facing a painful and debilitating death, I felt helpless.

That following January, I was in New Orleans at the funeral of George Price, one of the top salesmen in our family business.  George was 57.  He died of cancer.

Because he was unable to work for an extended period of time, we had discussed his situation in our company meeting and we kept him on payroll.  From his condition, I knew that he did not have long.

My wife and I went on a cruise with a group of pastors the first week in January.  As I boarded the ship in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the day that we left, I checked my messages.  There was a message from the wife of a chemist whom I knew.

The chemist's company makes one of the hair products for my family's business.  His wife had never called me before, but I figured perhaps her husband was out of town and it was something concerning business.

I was getting ready to leave and we were on vacation, so I figured I would wait until I was back in the office before I returned the call.  The next Monday as I sat at my desk, I called her.

She began, "I wanted to tell you before you heard this from someone else.  My husband has cancer in both lungs, and it has spread to his organs and spine...."

She detailed his condition, and I knew that it was extremely serious and likely incurable. It was a matter of time before the cancer would kill him.

I usually get up at 5 a.m. each morning and pray for 40 minutes.

As I prayed, I asked God, "If it is true that I will discover a cure for cancer, I need it now, people are hurting and dying."  Before I prayed to God, I acknowledged several things:

1. The Prophet had been right about everything before.

2. I did not have the natural knowledge to develop the cure.

Cancer researchers have hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal.  I have a small lab.  They have Ph.D.s, medical doctors, huge labs, and virtually unlimited budgets and they haven't released a cure.  I have a B.S. degree in chemistry; it was highly unlikely that I could find a cure.
I knew that if a cure were to come through me, it wasn't likely to be by natural intellect or science.  I knew God would have to reveal that to me directly.

3. I hadn't asked!

Call it what you will, but I can often ask and hear an answer to things in my spirit.  To those who haven't experienced it, it sounds like hocus-pocus.  I can't and won't argue that with anyone, I will just tell you that God does speak directly.

At approximately 5 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, I asked.

And, God answered.

"It is a 49 Day Cure...."

He gave me the first seven days' regimen.

God spoke the second seven-day regimen a few days later and then the third seven-day regimen.  At my early morning prayer, He spoke the final portion of The 49 Day Cancer Cure.

I will tell anyone reading this, "You have nothing to lose by trying this.  This is all natural, there are no known side effects, and compared to the chemotherapy medicine, all of it tastes like Kool-Aid.  At worst you will get more nutrition and energy, and since good nutrition helps virtually every disease, what do you have to lose?

Just follow the program EXACTLY as spoken. 

That's the only problem that I have found with the program and that's why it's no real danger to the industries that make billions from cancer.


I personally talked to the two people mentioned above.  My wife's cousin lived in Miami, FL.  I live in Atlanta, GA.  I flew to Miami, sat in his bedroom, and talked with him.  I told him the history of the program.  He was a doctor, so he understood perfectly that in a very short period of time he would be dead and that there was nothing medical science could do for him.

He agreed to follow to the program.

When my wife called to check on him, she asked if he was still following the program.

He wasn't.  He had simply resigned to die.

Don't ask me why, but often people are so devastated and distraught that they give up hope.  Even though compared to chemo, radiation, or surgery, the program is actually very easy; people just fail to be obedient.

Of the six people whom I have personally given the program and the products, only ONE has followed it, Nigel, a vocalist at the church.

He became seriously ill and had cancerous spots on his lungs along with several other complications.  I gave him The 49 Day Cancer Cure.  He followed it.

After finishing it and going to the doctor, he called me excitedly.

"The doctors say that I still have the cancer, but the thing is, THEY CAN'T FIND IT!" he exclaimed.  "They say that it's just moved behind something and that's why it's not showing up on the x-ray, but I feel that it's gone and they sure can't find it and it was surely showing up before," he said.

He made the choice to follow diligently The 49 Day Cancer Cure.  During the process he had more energy, and he felt MUCH better.  Afterwards, they couldn't find the cancer and they still can't.  Nigel made the choice to try The 49 Day Cancer Cure.

That is a choice that anyone reading this will need to make.  It is a choice that we often make in life.  A remedy for many of our problems is often simple and relatively easy; we just won't do it.


FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY and don't try to rationalize or figure it out.

This is God, Believe it or not! So, don't ask me any questions because I can't answer them; just follow the directions.

So I tell you again, follow the directions as given--- EXACTLY!!!

I am simply relaying to you the truth as it happened.

THIS IS SPIRITUAL! IT IS NOT SUPPORTED BY SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH OR MEDICAL STUDIES.  However, there is at least one man on earth that will scream from the rooftop that - IT WORKS!

I make NO CLAIM THAT THIS WILL CURE CANCER, but I do make the claim that this is what God spoke to me, so take your questions up with Him, not me.  I strongly encourage you to ask God "Is this program for me, my loved one, or friend who has cancer?"

Although this has NOT been evaluated by the FDA, it has been evaluated by a higher authority.

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